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26 May 2005:

Scott's website begins.
Poor, poor, poor world.

I am a computer and electrical engineering student at UCT. And sometimes I get bored. Hence this site.
I often have strange thoughts so this website will etc (i didnt feel like typing anymore)

I spent an hour last night edting soutpark episode 604 to get an edited version of "The Russell Crowe Show". Awesome!
Making Movies, Making Songs and Fighting around the World!!!

Another idea is to make a counterstrike mouse that shocks you when you get shot! I'm thinking of having a few charge pumps- micro controlled via an AVR. nice chips. anyway- Ill rig an ADC port the measure your skins resistance and automatically pump the charge pumps to the right voltage to give you a good zap. I want at least 3. so i can give a few zaps when you get shot by a handgun and then give you a skin crisping surprise when you get smacked by the magnum.
Ill also use the skin resistance to see when youve chickened out and taken ure hand off. Does anyone know the optimal place to put the electrodes. I want it to bump your thumb so you have to fight to get your aim back :)


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